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Angpapa Soft konjac sponge WATER DROP 1EA

Angpapa Soft konjac sponge WATER DROP 1EA

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Soft konjac sponge for sensitive skin 

  • Soft natural fiber : The tight tissue structure of the natural konjac sponge cleanses gently without damaging the protective layer of sensitive and fragile baby skin.
  • Moisturizing skin : The ceramide component in the konjac sponge prevents penetration of harmful substances from outside and prevents moisture loss of the skin.
  • Maintaining healthy skin texture : The weak alkalescence konjac sponge neutralizes and removes acidic waste and dead skin cells to maintain healthy skin.
  • Excellent cleaning power : Even with a small amount of detergent, It creates a rich foam, which is economical and tight, removes micro contamination from the skin
  • Country/Region of origin: South Korea
  • Width 9cm, Length 11cm, Thickness 2.5cm
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