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Anpapa Rice Cooker Divider VANILLA

Anpapa Rice Cooker Divider VANILLA

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Make baby food-making easier. The Only 3-in-1 Separated Rice Cooker Divider in Korea. All three compartments are completely separate,

which prevents liquids from mixing with each other and allows you to make several different foods at once. Hot steam circulates between each component

to evenly distribute heat and increase cooking efficiency. From washing to storage, it's so much easier to use and free lid for steamed dishes.


  • 100% Made in KOREA
  • Safe Material : Platinum silicone is used in medical appliances and is easy to disinfect and wash for sanitary use. It is also extremely durable so you can use

it semi-permanently.

  • 3 in 1 : All three compartments are completely separate, which prevents liquids from mixing with each other and allows you to make several different foods at once.
  • Cooking Efficiency : Built in steam circulation structure for better heat conductivity and cooking efficiency
  • Sufficient Capacity : Maximum 540 ml capacity and markings help you measure the exact amount you want for your baby food.
  • Round inner corners : Get every last bit of your baby food and thoroughly wash each component without worrying about left over food bits.
  • Non-slip Detail : The pattern on the handles prevents slippage when the component is wet from the steam.
  • Exclusive Lid : Rice Cooker Divider Lid to make a variety of different dishes from steamed eggs to fluffy powdered formula bread in your microwave or your rice cooker.

Q.After washing, there are white stains on the product's surface!

A. A White stain on the surface after washing and drying silicone products Minerals (calcite) in tap water. It is not a harmful ingredient,

so you can rest assured that it is not detrimental.  After washing, wipe dry with a dry towel to
prevent mineral staining.

※ How to remove mineral stains on the silicon surface

1 After sterilizing in hot water, diluted with vinegar, citric acid, baking soda,
etc. Wipe once and dry naturally before storing.

2 Wipe the stain well with a kitchen towel dipped in cooking oil, and wash again
with dish detergent.

※ Tips for using the dishwasher

1 If there are white stains after using the dishwasher. After sterilizing in boiling water with diluted vinegar, dry naturally.

2 If you use the detergent & rinse all-in-one product, it can be more helpful.

Q.How to sterilize it?

Anpapa Tongtong Products are made of premium solid silicon material.

Therefore, boiling water and microwave disinfection are possible. In boiling water,
sterilize for less than 30 seconds and dry.

When sterilizing in a microwave oven, sterilize for less than 1 minute after immersing the product in water to completely

submerge it in a container for microwave oven use.

A dishwasher is also available. However, in the case of baby bottle sterilizers
or UV sterilizers,

it is recommended to use them within 10 minutes because there is a risk of deformation or discoloration due to prolonged

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