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Angpapa Tongtong Baby Food Cube

Angpapa Tongtong Baby Food Cube

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Great for homemade baby food. It is with high space & refrigeration efficiency with patented double sealing structure and straight wide design.

With the patented double sealing structure, you can use it safely without worrying about mixing the contents.

  • 100% Made in KOREA
  • Safe Material : Platinum silicone is used in medical appliances and is easy to disinfect and wash for sanitary use. It is also extremely durable so you can use it semi-permanently.
  • Wide Cubes : Tried and tested with regular spoons used at home. 5.4 cm is the best width to easily portion ingredients.
  • Triple Sealed : It has a patented triple-seal design that prevents refrigerator smells and unwanted mixing.
  • Slim Design : Efficient use for small freezer space with a 5.4 cm width. Unlike the other cubes on the market, the area that receives cold currents is wider, which decreases the freezing time.


· Easily pop out: We've added a slant on the side and line detailing on the bottom for easy removal without strain.

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